9 Ways socalTECH Can Help You With Your New Year's Resolutions

Have you compiled your list of New Year's resolutions? We're here to help you in 2013, with our own set of ways we might be able to help you reach your goals for the coming year.

1. Find a new job. Browse our job postings, and navigate our (new) extensive map of Southern California high tech companies in your neighborhood.

2. Get new customers. Sign up for our daily email newsletter to get our news delivered to you directly every morning, or search our news archives. Or, sign up for our database of high tech companies ($24.95 a month) for contact names, emails, and details on potential leads.

3. Expand your network. Use our calendar of events to find one of the hundreds of upcoming industry networking events to meet new people, build new relationships, and find local groups where you can build your network.

4. Find funding for your startup. Use our database of venture capital investors--both located in Southern California, and elsewhere--to figure out who is (and isn't) investing in your industry.

5. Expand your company. Post your jobs on our job pages (part of our $24.95 a month membership, for unlimited job postings). Find a recruiter in our director to help you in your hiring efforts.

6. Discover a great advisor. Browse our directory of top consultants, accounting firms, recruiters, marketing/PR agencies, technical consultants, and many more.

7. Read and learn. Get some great advice and help from experts in our Insights section. Gain insights into why and how companies have been successful in our Interviews section.

8. Join an accelerator or find a coworking space. Check our our growing list of accelerators, coworking spaces, and other startup resources.

9. Give back. Share your insights, advice, and experience in our Insights section.

What are your high tech, business related New Year's resolutions?

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