Chill Launches New Video Front Page

Los Angeles-based social video site Chill, fresh off an injection of $8M from its investors, is launching a brand new effort to help consumers find the most interesting videos on the Internet from its home page. The new feature, called Chill Front Page, features an easy to navigate, front page filled with videos of what is going on now, based on both social data and data collected from Chill's social video service. The new feature uses social curation and voting to highlight the videos across a number of categories, and also allows users to further filter to different areas like sports, shopping, news, and more. Brian Norgard, co-founder of Chill, explained that the new front page is aimed at the casual video consumers, who may not be watching videos and interacting on the site every day, but who want to find someplace they can find the most interesting videos.

The new feature comes only a month after raising over $8M in a funding round from Kleiner Perkins, William Morris Endeavors, and others, which Norgard says is going to further refine and improve its service. Chill's team is known for their rapid prototyping and execution on site features, which Norgard says is part of the company's culture of "high product metabolism", where the firm rapidly creates and ship code, to see what people think of it, and then rapidly refining or tearing features down based on that feedback.