ActiveReplay Looks To Track Action Sports With New Bluetooth Device

A new, Los Angeles startup is hoping to make it easier for action sports fans to track their moves on their smartphone and a mobile app--plus a new device--if it can get funding on Kickstarter. According to ActiveReplay, it has launched Trace, a Bluetooth device which uses 9-axis sensors, a GPS, Bluetooth, and an embedded processor to track the movements of skaters, skiiers, snowboarders and surfers. The startup said that its device connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth an identifies all of the tricks and data performed in those action sports, connecting them to three mobile apps--AlpineReplay (for ski and snowboard), SkateReplay (for skate) and SurfReplay (for surf). The startup is led by Dr. Anatole Lokshin, who was formerly VP and CTO of Magellan Navigation, and who also had served at NASA's jet Propulsion Laboratory. The company is looking to raise $150,000 on Kickstarter for its efforts.


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