AgileNano Gets Funding From TCA

Sorrento Valley-based AgileNano, which is developing technology for minimizing military and sports injuries, has raised a Series A funding from the Tech Coast Angels, the TCA said today. According to the San Diego Tech Coast Angels, AgileNano has closed a Series A financing for its technology, which is used to minimize military injuries resulting from explosions, and to increase comfort and protection of sporting equipment such as shoes and helmets. Amount of the financing was not disclosed. According to the TCA, the funding will go to complete product development of AgileNano's lead technology, a liquid or gel containing energy-absorbing particles, and move it into commercial development. The funding came in addition to contracts from the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT) San Bernardino and the Office of Technology Transfer & Commercialization at California State University San Bernardino. The TCA explained that AgileNano's energy-absorbing particles help absorb energy on sudden impact, which is likely to help mitigate traumatic brain injuries on the battlefield; the technology is also being targeted at being used in shoes, bicycle and other sports helmets, protective equipment, and electronics. More information »