Airmule Launches Peer-To-Peer, International Courier Service

A new, Los Angeles-based startup, Airmule, said Tuesday that it has launched a new, international courier service, whcih lets travelers transport items for others when they travel on international flights. The startup--which is accessible via mobile phone, on either iOS or Android smartphones--lets savvy travelers who are traveling internationally but who don't have much luggage, offer to carry items for other people in their spare luggage space. The company says it expects to be able to deliver items internationally for less than half the cost of traditional shipping. For travelers, Airmule claims that users might even be able to cover the full cost of their international flights through the service. Airmule has initially focused on travel between the U.S. and China. The company was founded by Rory Felton and Sean Yang. The company says it lets its travelers inspect all items before travel, and refuse to carry any items, and also provides insurance for all shipments.


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