Amavitae Targets Job Skills Gap

Need to find a job, but finding you just don't have the right background to land a position? Santa Monica-based Amavitae is hoping its mobile app will help advance your career. The startup, which launched earlier this month, said it has created an app which helps provide pathways to the education and training you need for the job you want. The startup said its app--which runs on Android and iOS--helpsp provide free assessment to users, using an analysis of education, experience, military status, skills, and plans to recommend careers users might love, plus the 25 most sought after skills for those careers. The app then seeks to connect users with local educational opportunities to gain those skills. The startup is led by founder and CEO Deborah Ramo. The company said that, as part of its its launch, it has teamed up with Marriott International. Details of that partnership were not detailed.


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