Amonix Cuts Staff

Heavily backed, concentrating solar photovoltaic technology developer Amonix, which is based in Seal Beach, is set to lay off 76 workers across its offices in California, according to regulatory filings with the state. The notices--which comes thank you to California's WARN laws--says that the Seal Beach company expects to lay off the 76 workers on June 30th. Amonix is heavily backed by Kleiner Perkins, Westly Group, and Angeleno Group, raising a huge, $129.4M round in 2010. The company also had received a $90M Department of Energy loan guarantee. It's unclear on the reasons behind the layoffs, however, the solar power industry in the United States has been seeing some serious retrenchment, due to low cost modules from China, and decreased funding for solar projects from the DOE.


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