AMPL Labs Rolls Out Backpack For The Gadget Geek

Are you the ultimate gadget geek, wondering how you are going to haul that giant pile of electronics you got for the holidays around? A San Diego-based startup, AMPL Labs, has the gear for you--a smartphone-connected, mobile charging backpack which lets you plug in all of your electronic devices directly into an on-board charger. The backpack includes seven (7) USB connections, and lets you know what your state of charge is through a mobile app, monitors the temperature of the backpack, and more. According to AMPL Labs, its "smart backpack" offers up an internal 18.5 watt hour battery, which can recharge your smartphone two to three times, and also will offer up an additional 55 watt-hour battery which can extend the backpack to also charge up your laptop. AMPL Labs is led by Michael Patton, who is a veteran of Sony. The company says it is showing off its backpack at CES, and expects to start selling the backpacks this summer starting at $299.