Anametrix Gets Funding, Adds Advisors

San Diego-based Anametrix, a developer of cloud-based business analytics software, said today that it has received new funding and added a slate of well known advisors. Details on the new private investment was not disclosed. According to Anametrix, it has added Michael Roberston, Fred Bourgeois, Neil Senturia, Eric Otterson, Gavin Mandelbaum and Laurent Asscher to its advisory board. Robertson is the outspoken founder of, and also founded Linspire and Gizmo5. Bourgeois is currently head of "Team FREDNET", which is developing a robotic Lunar Lander for the Google Lunar X Prize. Senturia is CEO of Blackbird Ventures, and a notable San Diego angel investor. Otterson is VP of Business Development at legal firm Cooley LLP, and Mandelbaum is the former founder of iBaby,, and Schreiber is at ProQuest Investments, and Asscher is President of Airtek Capital Group. Anametrix is headed by Blasie Barrelet, and says it is developing software to correlate web analytics, social media, search engine marketing (SEM), video & audio, e-mail campaigns, market research and other data for businesses. More information »