Apple's iPhone 5 Powered By Broadcom, Qualcomm, Skyworks Chips

The teardown of Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, by iFixit shows that three Southern California companies are shipping an awful lot of chips today as people scramble to get their hands on the device. The teardown by iFixit shows multiple chips from Skyworks, Qualcomm, and Broadcom in the iPhone 5, including a set of wireless power amplifiers from Skyworks, power management and modem chips from Qualcomm, and touchscreen controller from Broadcom. The combination of chips from the trio of Southern California firm is not a surprise; past teardowns of Apple devices show heavy use of components from all three in the iPad and prior iPhones. Qualcomm is in San Diego, Broadcom is in Irvine, and Skyworks is in Irvine and Newbury Park. The first day of available for the iPhone 5 in the U.S. is today.