Arivale Brings Gene Sequencing Driven Wellness To Los Angeles

Arivale, a health and wellness startup founded by genetic sequencing pioneer Dr. Leroy Hood, has launched itself into the Los Angeles market, as its first expansion beyond its home market of Seattle. The startup combines whole genome sequencing with clinical labs, lifestyle, nutrition and activity levels, along with data analysis software, and provides counselor-driven, health coaching services aimed at long-term health and wellness of its clients.

According to the company's CEO, Clayton Lewis--who has been a General Partner at Venture Capital investor Maveron--the company has just started expanding into Los Angeles and the rest of California, as it looks to grow its business. Arivale raised $36M in 2015 from Maveron, ARCH Venture Partners and Polaris Partners. Arivale's clients receive a whole genome DNA test, and a battery of other diagnostic tests, and gain suggestions on improving diet, changing lifestyle, and other advice--given through personal counselors--to help improve their overall health and wellness. The service--although it uses whole genome sequencing and other testing--is not aimed at detecting disease, but in shaping lifestyles to avoid such issues as diabetes, chronic stress, and other factors that affect health.

Hood has co-founded more than 15 companies, including Amgen, Applied Biosystems, Rosetta, Darwin, Integrated Diagnostics, and Indi Molecular, and is known for his invention of the automated DNA sequencer---much of it developed when he was a professor at Caltech.