Artisan Park Launches Marketplace For Art, Handcrafts

A new, Los Angeles startup, Artisan Park, is hoping to help connect artists with customers, by launching an online, name-your-own-price marketplace for art and handcrafted wares. The firm, whose team includes a former SharesPost executive, lets users bid on items posted by artists and artisans, who set a minimum price on their items. The service said that it automatically matches up offers on items and completes a transaction for artists if they meet that minimum price. The firm's founders include Adam Corey, who headed up marketing at SharesPost, and who also was involved in the Brighthouse incubator run by Greg Brogger and Scott Painter. According to Corey, the firm is looking to be more exclusive than competing sites like Etsy, offering up curated artists, and helping people find art and artists you otherwise wouldn't find.