Artkive Solves The What-Do-I-Do-With-My-Children's-Artwork Problem

Anyone who is a parent is familiar with that age old problem: what to do with that huge pile of art your kids brought home from school. A new, Los Angeles startup, The Kive Company, has recently released its first app, ARTKIVE, which does just that. Instead of stuffing a box full of pictures and art in the garage, or quietly "filing" that art in the trash, ARTKIVE allows parents to take a photo of that art with their mobile phone, and then archives that art in the cloud, letting users automatically get a hardcover book of that child's entire year of art. ARTKIVE's app--available on iTunes--is free. Jedd Gold, founder of The Kive Company, said the app is just one of the first apps it is developing to make parents' lives easier.