AT&T Eyes Focus On Silicon Beach, Hollywood

AT&T says that it is bolstering its operations in both Silicon Beach and Hollywood, as part of its $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner. According to AT&T spokespeople at the company's SHAPE Tech & Entertainment Expo, which was held at the Warner Bros. Studios lot on Friday and Saturday, the company is planning to bolster its operations across Los Angeles, to take advantage of the region's growing reputation as a center of the technology industry. AT&T and Time Warner are currently working through antitrust clearances over the deal. AT&T is reportedly planning to put John Stankey, currently head of AT&T's Entertainment Group in El Segundo, in charge of Time Warner's movie and television business. AT&T ran its SHAPE tech & entertainment expo over the weekend, and was expecting nearly 10,000 visitors, who were able to experience virtual reality and augmented reality technology, hear speakers from the entertainment and technology industry, and view virtual reality films; the expo was also tied into a "creatathon" with filmmakers developing content for those VR, AR, and other platforms.