Aura Pitches Smartphone Connected, Wirelessly Powered Holiday Lights

Do you wish you could control your Christmas and other holiday lights using your smartphone? Tired of a tangled mess of wires? A couple of Southern California developers are pitching a new Kickstarter project to allow you to wirelessly power and control all of your holiday lights using your iPhone or Android phone. Aura is running a crowdfunding campaign looking for $50,000 for its project, which is promising to deliver LED lights which use wireless power to light up your Christmas tree, and which also can be turned on and off using your smartphone. The project--from Chris Higgins and Hardeep Johar--launched a campaign just last week which has so far raised $12,768 in funding. The two apparently have previously been involved with SparqEE, another developer of crowdfunding projects. Unfortunately for this year's holiday shoppers, it looks like the company doesn't expect to deliver first product until October of 2015.