Australian Startups Invade Southern California

In what appears to be an unprecedented surge of Australian companies setting up shop in Southern California's Silicon Beach, a surprising number of Australian startups have set up operations in Southern California over the last year. Australia--known for its own version of the tech industry, also called the Silicon Beach--has at least six companies which have opened up offices across the region in the last year, including:

Clapit ( - social networking and sharing apps

Bombd ( - social networking apps

Impedimed ( - medical devices ( - Internet-based utility billing services

Shoes of Prey ( - custom ordered shoes from the Internet

Nexus eWater ( - water recycling and saving devices

It's unclear why there has been such a surge in companies from Australia, however, Southern California has long been a destination for companies setting up offices in the U.S., and also has a long list of technology companies with ties to such countries as the UK, China, Japan, Germany, and many other regions of the world.

Photo courtesy simone.brunozzi@flickr.


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