Babblr Takes On Tumblr Chat

Babblr, a new startup developing browser chat extensions for Tumblr, said it has launched its Chrome extension this week, giving Tumblr users the ability to instantly chat with friends and followers from their Tumblr dashboard. The Costa Mesa-based startup said that its chat extension includes such features as group chat, profane language censorship, customizable settings, and more.

The launch is actually the second for the software developer; Babblr said this launch is supported by and a network of servers, and will allow it to handle any traffic Tumblr users can throw at it. Apparently, the firm's initial release earlier this month resulted in an overwhelming amount of traffic for the three person startup, when it had 208,000 subscribers and suddenly started seeing 30,000+ users downloading its extension in three hours--swamping the company's servers. This time, the startup has tied into high performance API/web provider, which helps developers with tools to manage live web communications.