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Belkin Rolls Out A Smartphone Connected Crock Pot For The Modern Age

Remember the Crock-Pot, that staple of busy mothers (and garage sales) everywhere? The age-old cooking device has gotten a modern makeover, thanks to Playa Vista-based electronics and accessories manufacturer Belkin. According to Belkin and Crock-Pot, they have just rolled out a brand new, smartphone enabled Crock-Pot, which allows consumers to adjust, manage, and monitor their slow cooker using a smartphone or tablet. The new, smartphone-controlled slow cooker lets users change the cooking time, adjust the temperature, and shut off the crock pot if they want. Belkin said the product is the first from a collaboration with Jarden Consumer Solutions, the company which owns the Crock-Pot brand. The new six quarter cooker costs $129.99. The new Crock-Pot is quite an upgrade on what has--until recently--been one of the least high tech devices in any home, consisting of just a ceramic container with a heating element. Jarden also owns Mr. Coffee, Oster, Coleman, Yankee Candle, and many other brands.





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