Belkin's Wemo Expands Home Automation Lineup

Playa Vista-based Belkin is significantly expanding its ecosystem of its Wemo connected home devices, with the introduction of a number of addition Wemo-enabled devices at CES--including Wemo Water, which uses a single sensor attached to a water pipe in your home to track water usage across the house; door and window sensors to monitor if anyone has left a door and window open in your home; a key fob sensor which can track people and pets throughout the home; an alarm monitoring device which listens for smoke alarms, burglar alarms, and other alarms in your house; and a battery operated motion sensor. Wemo's connected devices now include smart outlets, light bulbs, Wi-Fi cameras, and even coffee makers and crock pots. Belkin has big plans in the home automation area, and even owns its own "test house" in Newport Beach where the company tests and installs all of its Wemo products in a real-life home.