BetterWorks Adds Catering

Los Angeles-based BetterWorks, the employee perks and benefits firm headed by Paige Craig, has expanded its platform again today, saying that it is now handling in-office catering through its system. BetterWorks, which is applying technology and software to help small and medium sized business manage employee "perks", said that the new catering support easily handles large food orders for companies. One of BetterWorks existing features was already handling to-go and delivery orders for employees staying late at the office or ordering in for lunch; the new feature handles catered meals.

One of BetterWorks existing customers--fellow Santa Monica startup Docstoc, the online doc professional doc sharing firm headed by Jason Nazar--said it has been testing the catering feature prior to official launch, as it orders office-wide meals at least twice a week for its 30 employees. BetterWorks new feature handles meal orders, scheduling pickup or delivery, from a variety of local restaurants; the new catering feature is available in all of BetterWorks current markets, which include Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, San Francisco and parts of New York.