BetterWorks Enhances Discovery Features

Santa Monica-based BetterWorks, the operator of technology- and software-based employee perks and benefit programs, said Tuesday that it has bolstered a number of features on its service, including a number related to discovery of programs. The company said it has added a new search box for users logging into the site, which will allow them to search for perks, restaurants, cities, and other information on the site, and also added new ways to browse and search for perks by category. In addition to the discovery features, BetterWorks also said it has enhanced the way it handles food orders, letting other employees see live orders and how long until those orders go out, and allow them to instantly add their own food orders to the list. BetterWorks is headed by Paige Craig, one of the most prolific angel investors in Los Angeles; the firm's other co-founders also include Zhao Yang, who was the creator of the Farmville social game.