Big Data Demonstrated: Factual Picks Apart New York vs. Chicago Style Pizza

New York Style or Chicago? In a practical example of why companies are rushing to apply many of the principles of "big data" to their businesses, Los Angeles-based Factual published a quick analysis of its gigantic database in the sky, to analyze where New York style pizza and Chicago style pizza are most popular. Factual--which has been compiling an immense data store of all of the physical locations, hours, menus, and details on all kinds of stores across the country and world--said it was able to give an idea of the popularity of New York or Chicago style pizza, by looking at restaurants with either in their names. Who won, according to Factual? Based on a count of counties, the company said New York style pizza claims around 16 percent more restaurants than Chicago style pizza. Factual's Restaurant data has over 1.1 million restaurant listings in the US.


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