Big Stage Hires Executives

Pasadena-based Big Stage Entertainment, which develops technology to create life-like 3D avatars, announced today that the firm has appointed two new executives to the firm's management team. Big Stage said that it has hired on James Brennan as the firm's Vice President, Online, and Richard Diephuis as Vice President, Engineering. Brennan joins the firm from digital consultancy Mandalan Media, and has also served at Experiant, USWeb/CKS, and Accenture. Brennan is also a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and has served as an advisor to the American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab program. Diephuis has served at Lotus Development, Applicon, Polygen, Paracel, Evolution Robotics, and Desktop Factory; he was notably in charge of developing and releasing the first three versions of Lotus Notes. Both Brennan and Diephuis will report to BigStage CEO Phil Ressler.


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