Blossom Launches New Smart Watering Controller

Irvine-based Internet-of-Things device developer Blossom, the smart sprinkler developer led by Manrique Brenes, has rolled out a brand new, smart watering controller this week called the Blossom 8. The startup said its new, smart watering controller supports eight watering zones, is connected by WiFi, and also can handle tough outdoor weather conditions, among other enhancements to the product. The company said it is offering up the Blossom 8 for pre-order at $99, with a MSRP of $129. Blossmo said it created the Blossom 8 to help address more homes, which typically have less need for stations than the company's existing, 12-zone smart sprinkler controller. Blossom uses updates from the Internet to adjust watering based on local forecasts and weather station data. The company's experienced executive team comes from Vizio and Accton.