Boastcards, Another Photo-To-Postcard App, Launches

Did you ever wish you could turn that photo on your mobile phone into a real postcard, and send it to your friends? Another new Los Angeles-based startup, Boastcards, said this week that it has a service which do just that, letting users turn their digital photos and images into real, physical postcards. The firm recently released a mobile app for iOS doing just that, leeting users send postcards for $1.99 per postcard.

Boastcards was founded by Daniel Dotterer, Nate Daniels, and Angeleica Esteves. The firm said that it was founded after Dotterer was unexpectedly let go by his company, and went on a road trip, which he shared with friends via postcard, and received an amazing response to them from friends and family.

The firm isn't the first local startup to offer mobile photo-to-postcards; that honor goes to Postcard on the Run, the startup run by former MySpace exec Josh Brooks; Postcard on the Run has investor backing from Selena Gomez, Crosscut Ventures, Mike Jones, Yves Sisteron, Chris DeWolfe, Aber Whitcomb, Brian Fitzgerald, Ryan Steelberg, Colin Digiaro, Brian Lee, and Jarl Mohn.