Bohnett Foundation Gives $500K For Computer Centers

The David Bohnett Foundation, the nonprofit foundation started by Geocities founder David Bohnett, said Thursday that it has granted $500,000 to David Bohnett CyberCenters across the United States, to help update computer centers for the gay and lesbian community. According to the foundation, it grants "refresh" grants to keep computer equipment up to date in the centers, approximately every three or four years. The centers are used to help LGBT members network, communicate, and explore educational, professional and recreational opportunities. The first David Bohnett CyberCenter opened in 1998. Bohnett was the co-founder of Geocities, which was acquired by Yahoo in 1999; Bohnett also runs local venture firm Baroda Ventures, and was involved in NetZero,, Xdrive, Lowermybills, Wireimage, and Online Partners, among other firms. Bohnett's foundation said it has so far given over $35M to such causes as the arts, educational and civic programs; LGBT-related causes; voting rights and registration initiatives; research and public policies to reduce the toll of firearm violence; and animal research and rights.