Boingo To Give Away Free Wi-Fi, For Tattoo (in April Fool's Joke)

In what seems to be a new trend in Los Angeles companies exchanging things of value for a tattoo of their logo, Los Angeles-based Boingo Wireless, which operates a global network of wireless access points, said it will give away one million free Wi-Fi credits to any user who permanently tattoos a Boingo logo somewhere on their body. According to Boingo, the Boingo tattoo just needs to be spelled correctly, and can go anywhere on a user. The firm said a number of the firm's employees already have their own tattoos of the logo. The contest by Boingo follows an effort by another local company, mobileStorm, to spur employee loyalty last month by giving away $1000 to employees who got their own, visible tattoo of that firm's logo. Boingo said that the one million Wi-fi credits can be used at any of 125,000 Boingo hotspots worldwide. (Update: the firm's "terms and conditions" show that the contest is a April's fool joke).