Boingo Wireless Gets Netbook Preinstall Win

Los Angeles-based Boingo Wireless, the operator of a network of Wi-Fi providers, has inked a pre-install deal with a software provider. Boingo and VideACE Technology Co. said today that the Boingo Wi-Fi app will be pre-installed on laptops and netbooks which use VideACE's InstantVidget, an "instant-on" software product which is available on ASUS and Lenovo netbooks. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. VideACE's technology makes applications and services available without booting up a netbook or PC, shortcutting full bootup of those computers. Boingo operates a global network of Wi-Fi access points, in conjunction with a long list of partners. The firm's software is used to provide a unified way to connect into that network from a single Wi-Fi access plan.