Border Stylo Raising New Funding Round

Los Angeles-based Border Stylo, the developer of the Glass browser add-on and GlassThis web site for sharing and conversing about web sites, plus the Retrollect mobile app for social sharing, is in the process of raising the amount of funding invested in the company to around $20M , according to a regulatory filing from the firm. The filing came as part of a move from an LLC to a corporation. The filing indicates that there are 24 investors. A source close to the firm said that a round is in progress, but the round has not yet closed, despite the information in the filing, and the ultimate amount of the funding will probably not be $20M. Border Stylo is headed by Diego Prats and Oscar Guido. Glass is an add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for having context-sensitive conversations about a web site; Retrollect is an iPhone and Android mobile app for sharing photos, tweets, and status updates. So far, the firm has raised $8M in funding. More information »