Broadcom, Qualcomm Link On HomePlug Networking

Among the announcements today at CES, Qualcomm Atheros and Broadcom announced today that they have been conducting joint performance testing between Qualcomm Atheros and Broadcom chipsets supporting the HomePlug AV networking standard. HomePlug AV allows consumers to use their home power connections for interconnecting home entertainment devices. The two said that they are endorsing HomePlug AV as the best powerline technology for carriers and consumer networking OEMs, for such purposes as streaming HD streams and IPTV over power line, for home automation, and energy management applications. Both firms are backing the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. That group just announced the HomePlug AV2 specification, an upgrade on its power line networking standards (IEEE 1901). Other companies backing the effort include GE Energy, Cisco, and STMicroelectronics, among others.


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