Broadcom Sees Record Second Quarter On Broadband, Mobile, Wireless

Irvine-based semiconductor maker Broadcom reported its second quarter 2010 results Tuesday, saying that it had record second quarter revenues and earnings, driven by strong product demand from its Broadband and Mobile & Wireless segments. Broadcom said it had revenues of $1.604 billion, and net income of $278M, compared with $1.040 billion in revenues in Q2 of last year and net income of $13M in that same quarter last year. The firm said it anticipates "increasing demand" for communications products in Q3. Broadcom did not discuss specific sources of the increased demand, but the firm is one of the companies which has benefited from brisk demand for Apple iPhone and other products, and supplies at least two major components--a WiFi and Bluetooth chip, and a GPS chip--for the new Apple iPhone 4.


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