Broadcom Shows HDTV Over DSL

Irvine-based Broadcom said yesterday that it has demonstrated the first live HDTV over DSL broadcast. The company's IPTV set top box showed a live HDTV broadcast of the French Open Tennis Tournament the beginning of this month, in a demonstration showing the ability to broadcast high resolution HDTV broadcast and on-demand over existing DSL networks. The IPTV set top box uses the new MPEG-4 Part 10 compression format, which allows for the compression of HDTV quality broadcasts over ADSL2+. According to the company, Broadcom's reference design for a set top box provides manufacturers with a design that can be ramped into production and used to support video over DSL deployment. Broadcom is targeting telecommunications firms and equipment makers who are looking at DSL as the next step in interactive programming.


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