Burner's App Ditches Unwanted Callers

Have you ever wish you could hand someone your phone number, but just let them use it once or twice before it disappeared? You can do just that with a brand new app for the iPhone, Burner, released by a Los Angeles company yesterday. The app--which costs $1.99 in the App Store--allows iPhone users to create disposable phone number on demand, something which could be useful handing your phone number to the guy you just met at a bar, the person on Craigslist you want to sell your couch to, or having a phone number available on your eBay listing. The app--created by Ad Hoc Labs--lets users create as many, disposable phone number as you want, and allows users to destroy those numbers at any time. Ad Hoc Labs was founded by Greg Cohn and Will Carter; Cohn was previously at Yahoo, and Cohn at Nokia.