Calacanis: First Angels In New Angel Group

Jason Calacanis, CEO of Santa Monica-based Internet search site Mahalo, has signed on several angels for his new angel group, the Open Angel Forum - Los Angeles. Calacanis--who started the group as an outgrowth of his crusade against pay-to-pitch angel groups like The Keiretsu Forum--said in his blog today that he has signed up Matt Coffin, Sky Dayton, and Bill Woodward as members of his group. Coffin is the founder of LowerMyBills, Dayton is the founder of Earthlink, and Woodward is a venture capitalist at Anthem Venture Partners. Calacanis launched what he called a "jihad" against Keiretsu and others in early October, over their high fees and hidden costs for entrepreneurs looking to pitch the groups for money.