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Events For April 12, 2017

Funding your Innovation
Funding your Innovation. Santa Ana District SBDC. This course is about selling your innovation to investors, grant proposal reviewers, potential strategic partners, and to your intended customers. They are each distinguishable in terms of how to be approached, but all share very similar buyer behavior characteristics, especially in the face of change and disruption. While a fast moving world can be exciting, when you tell someone that your product is “innovative”, “revolutionary”, “discontinuous”, “disruptive”, or “turning the way things are done on its head”, you may see a lot of doors closed and protective barriers thrown up against you. There are specific criteria that investors, partner prospects, and grant proposal reviewers are basing their personal decisions upon. We all need to understand buyer behavior and how people adopt innovations through a market development life cycle if we want succeed in getting them to open up to us. The following questions that plague entrepreneurs will be answered: 1. Do you need to build better market traction? 2. Do investors say that you are too early for them? 3. Are your target customers not buying-in? 4. Do you wonder why less qualified products are more successful in the market than yours? 5. Are you struggling to transition from early market visionary customers to mainstream market success? See
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Mobile Device Battery Breakthrough
Location:Thousand Oaks
Mobile Device Battery Breakthrough. Clean Technology Council. Leland Smith shows how his new Millibatt can power the new breed of devices and small wearables that were not feasible with existing coin-cell or thin-film batteries. His batteries provide up to times higher energy density. The impact of this technology is enormous. See
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