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Events For May 11, 2017

TVCN: How To Build An Impactful Brand
TVCN: The Simple, Dirty Truth...How To Build An Impactful Brand. All companies “brand,” whether they take action or not… It is a dynamic process for startup teams and Fortune 100 companies alike. But what is building a brand really about? With much confusion in the market place regarding “branding” can anyone actually describe what a brand is, or even teach how to build one? Is the process a labyrinth in need of someone’s proprietary flow chart and decision tree, or can it be a simple set of principals? Come learn why the top brands you know, consistently maximize their value. And more importantly, come learn the simple steps needed to build your corporate, product or personal brand foundation. What makes brands unique, impactful and sustainable! This is a session to remember with key takeaways. You’ll find this simple; a principle driven session showing you how you can build your brand to epic proportions! See

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