Use 90 Sec Videos to Explain Your Product - Create Awesome
Date: January 14, 2013
Location:Santa ClaritaUse 90 Sec Videos to Explain Your Product - Create Awesome. Explainer videos (those 60-90 sec videos on home pages around the Internet) are all the rage. It's considered an art. How do you quickly and succinctly explain your product or service to your target customer so that you can engage them right away. A good video will not only engage your target customer but avoid also lots of "how does your site work" emails. This is a hot topic right now in tech. I've asked Nick, an expert in this space, to come in to teach us tips on how to make effective Explainer Videos. Companies like FourSquare have created such effective Explainer Videos resulting in a growth explosion. Can a good Explainer Video help you reach your goal of a $100M valuation? *The presentation will cover How To Create an effective "How To"/Animated Video. The Essential elements of a Video (Script/storyboard, Audio Recording, Animation) and how to do each one effectively. How to use *Video Animation effectively in your Startup. *How to make an effective video *The essential elements of a video (Script, VO, Animation) and how to do each one most effectively *Provide additional tips/stories on funny video ideas I have seen, maybe even a bit of info on viral videos.See
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