Global LAVA: The World Crowdfunded
Date: February 01, 2013
Location:Los AngelesGlobal LAVA: The World Crowdfunded. We’re excited to kick off our first event this year on February 1st (Friday) with one of the hottest and important topics: The World Crowdfunded. The questions to be discussed: How to crowdfund your venture using Reward based and Donation based Crowdfunding models (Kickstarter-like techniques); What is the current state of Equity Crowdfunding as defined by the JOBS Act and the new SEC regulations; How to raise funds from investors in foreign countries utilizing crowdfunding models; How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Panel includes: Dan Mapes, MAGNET.TV; Howard Leonhardt; David Harvilicz, When You Wish; Daniel Regidor, Satori Brands. See
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