Date: March 07, 2013
Location:Santa MonicaLA CEOs presents: Growing Revenue Through Telesales Telephone sales are a powerful way to grow revenue. Well-equipped and well prepared inside sales people reach and convert prospects rapidly and economically. Telesales operations can be started quickly, perfected in pilot mode with minimal investment, and then scaled quickly either in-house or outsourced. Many firms have found this to be an optimal path to growth and prosperity. Like other powerful business tools, telesales can propel a firm upward. Achieving this potential is not easy however and failure is the norm. Sometimes failure results from overestimating the value proposition but other times failure merely reflects avoidable sales execution errors. How does one get started? What traits make a person right for telesales? What equipment is needed? What to do when early results are disappointing? Jeff Feuer, President & co-founder of Customer Solutions Group and itís InsideSalesLab will provide his insights and solutions. This event is restricted to CEOs only. See
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