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Business Networking & Relationship Building
Date: February 18, 2009
Business Networking & Relationship Building. Techbizconnection. The concept of “Networking“ can elicit very strong feelings. Some swear by it, while others swear at it. If one wishes to thrive in the market place, choosing not to network is no longer a strategy and smart networking has proven to be a necessity. There are an increasing number of social networking tools like Linked In, Face book, Plaxo, that are bringing together colleagues, friends, professionals and businesses in an increasingly complex web of connections. But mere connections are insufficient - true relationships are vital and crucial to the success of both individuals and organizations, across all functions: Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc. So how do we move beyond mere connections, to the next level? The type of relationship building that will empower both our businesses and ourselves. TechBiz Connection has put together a panel of experts that will discuss smart networking strategies, building strong & sustainable relationships, and improving organizational business. The panelists will share their experience, perspectives, and views on networking & relationship building. You will gain invaluable insights on how you can improve your own networking activities. See
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