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Services For the Global Enterprise
Date: February 25, 2009
Services For the Global Enterprise: Opportunities in Security, Mobility, Wireless and Cloud Computing. CIO Impacts Forum. Services For the Global Enterprise - Opportunities in Security, Mobility, Wireless and Cloud Computing The I.T. industry has been steadily moving towards a Services based model whereby services such as video conferencing via a laptop, or directory services through a mobile phone, or filling time sheets/accounting through WiFi-enabled PDA, can be performed through the Internet cloud via a browser, instead of having to distribute and install software on each client. While the burden of software installation, update or maintenance is removed from the hands of the enterprise user, the burden of creating, managing and securing the infrastructure, devices, user accounts, and, networks, falls in the hands of the CIO. This presents the CIO's office with new and unique possibilities as well as relevant challenges for handling and creating Services for the Enterprise. CIOs from Fortune 1000 companies will gather at the CIO Impacts Forum to be held at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA, on Feb 25, 2009. This event which is now in its 6th year will provide the opportunity to network with top executives and peers and attend presentations that discuss the progress made in Services for the Enterprise and investigate the opportunities for new classes of Services that are emerging as a result of technological advances in Cloud Computing, Security, Mobility and Wireless. See
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