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Date: July 28, 2009
Location:Los Angeles
OMMA AdNets. Ad Network Gold Rush - Boom or Bust? So many ad networks, so little time and clarity. By some estimates, over 300 ad networks have blossomed online to serve ever-narrowing audience and content niches: travel, gaming, the affluent, gay lifestyles, soap opera fans, education - the list goes on and on. Vertical ad networks are responding in force to a fundamental fragmentation in online traffic patterns. Slipping away are the days when users gravitated around "launch pages" and portals or even major content hubs. Search and social media guide people directly to a broader range of content, and advertisers need tools to re-aggregate these dispersed eyeballs. Adding to this dizzying mix are the branded media networks from Forbes, Martha Stewart and even The Today Show, among others. Do all these networks add real value to the ad buy? And, are the new generation of ad exchanges helping buyers navigate the wealth of available inventory? See
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