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CommNexus Digital Media SIG Presents: 3DTV
Date: August 25, 2009
Location:San Diego
CommNexus Digital Media SIG Presents: 3DTV. The Digital Media SIG has invited two industry veterans, Ajay Luthra, Senior Director, Advanced Technology of Motorola and Damon Rubio, SVP Operations, UltraStar Cinemas, headquartered in Vista, CA to present an overview of the current state of the technology and market for production, encoding, transmission and display of 3D content, both in movie theaters and in the home. This presentation will address the history, technology basics of 3DTV as well as the standards and the challenges associated with broadcasting 3DTV and its mainstream adoption. They will also discuss the business case for 3D content, current status of deployments and what to expect in the upcoming months and years in movie theaters and in the home theater environment, including the potential for backward compatibility with 2D TV sets. This timely and exciting event may also include a demonstration of 3DTV courtesy of Motorola. See
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