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Competing With Free
Date: November 19, 2009
Location:Los Angeles
"Competing With Free: Can Digital Distribution Reduce Piracy?" USC Marshall School Institute for Communication Technology Management Presents Speak & Spark Luncheon Discussion. New digital distribution channels have raised a host of questions the television, movie, and music industries: To what degree will these channels cannibalize sales in higher margin physical channels? What types of content should be the focus of digital distribution efforts? And, maybe most importantly, can digital distribution complement existing anti-piracy efforts by drawing consumers who otherwise would have pirated back to legitimate purchases? Michael D. Smith will discuss some of his recent research findings in this area and will assess the viability of legitimate digital distribution channels as a tool to reduce piracy. Professor Smith is an Associate Professor of Information Technology and Marketing and Co-Director of the Digital Media Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Email
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