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MOTM Orange County with Rhonda Rohrabacher
Date: November 17, 2009
Location:Costa Mesa
MOTM Orange County with Rhonda Rohrabacher.Rhonda Rohrabacher from Huntington Beach will be our guest speaker on November 17 at MOTM Orange County. Rhonda is the Director of Internet Strategy and Interaction Design for Congressman Rohrabacher (CA-46) and uses technology to shake things up in the political world and beyond. The topic for conversation will be how technology has changed the political landscape and how the lessons learned impact strategy, marketing, and communications in all industries. With the convergence of political data and ubiquitous crowd sourcing in the real time world we now live in it is critical to have engaging interactive design and a consistent communications strategy. Rhonda has been a catalyst for change in the political world and we look forward to having her as our speaker. See,event=ab0bae8a36ea&r=cb2c0dde964c&u=y
More information:,event=ab0bae8a36ea&r=cb2c0dde964c&u=y
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