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Clean-Tech Investor Summit
Date: January 21, 2010
Location:Palm Springs
6th Annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit. This year, as always, The Clean-Tech Investor Summit will offer its high-level audience a series of keynotes from some of the greatest minds in clean tech. Audience members will be privy to a provocative presentation by Dr. Craig Venter, whose fame for sequencing the human genome may yet be surpassed by his efforts to apply "biological robots" to global energy and environmental challenges. A123 CEO David Vieau will reveal, as much as he's able to on the cusp of his company's recent IPO, what the industry can expect from the public debut of his company and the future of energy storage and electric vehicles. And the pros and cons of nuclear power's next steps will addressed by NRDC's Ralph Cavanagh and Global Business Network's Peter Schwartz in a moderated conversation with conference co-producer Ron Pernick. See
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