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Employment Law
Date: November 24, 2009
Location:San Diego
Employment Law For Early Stage Companies. CONNECT. Start-up companies walk through a volatile minefield when it comes to hiring and managing employees. With California's unique employment laws, every new hire can result in large-scale liabilities if a company does not have ongoing compliance and monitoring. Because this level of supervision can be costly, and consume management's time and attention, early stage companies frequently find themselves unprepared to cope with employee challenges, or learn to do so only after an expensive “lesson”. In addition, contrary to what some companies have heard, there are no “exceptions” for small, start-up or entrepreneurial companies. All private employers, large and small, must obey the same restrictive laws. In this workshop, George Howard from Jones Day will provide attendees with proactive, client-focused advice to help you avoid the dangers of the employee minefield. See
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