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The Future of the Automobile
Date: January 20, 2010
The Future of the Automobile. UCI-Calit2. The automobile plays a major role in the world's energy equation, and because of the remarkable mobility provided by the evolution and use of liquid petroleum-derived fuels, automobiles also represent a major and growing factor in world geopolitics. A variety of pressures are creating a dramatic change in the engine that will power the automobile in the future, the fuel that will be used to power the engine, and the design of the power train. The environment, the scarcity of petroleum supplies, and fuel independence are among the major drivers for this change - as are public health and safety, and the world economy. Interest in the automobile is exploding in countries such as India and China. Join us as Toyota's Bill Reinert shares his perspective on the evolution of vehicle design, concepts that are likely to shape vehicle development for decades to come, and questions regarding the nexus between energy and human mobility. Find out why current discussions and debate regarding automobile design and alternatives to the automobile are unparalleled in modern history. Bill Reinert; National Manager; Advanced Technology Vehicle Group, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Email
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