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Lean-Agile: Using the Right Vision to Manage Transition
Date: March 18, 2010
Location:San Diego
Lean-Agile: Using the Right Vision to Manage Transition. All executives want a software development organization that delivers high quality products with low cost in a timely manner. Unfortunately, while we want productivity, quality and low cost, trying to achieve these directly often has the opposite effect of what we want. This is not new news. Lean has provided new insights to achieve desired results such as optimizing the whole and reducing cycle time. The leap from manufacturing to software development, however, has not been complete and has distorted our view of how to do this. While learning from Toyota can be useful, the framing of Lean within a manufacturing context has been hard to avoid. This talk focuses on what to look at to help align all levels of an enterprise transitioning to lean-agile methods. See
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