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Network Neutrality: The Debate Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality
Date: April 06, 2010
Location:San Diego
CommNexus Presents: Network Neutrality: The Debate Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality. This year the FCC will be addressing one of the most important technology issues of our time, network neutrality or who controls and regulates what's sent on the Internet. 

Supporters of net neutrality contend that the phone and cable companies want to be in charge of the Internet, they want to be able to block user requests, and charge companies such as Google for its use. Essentially, they want no rules. The ISPs contend that they have the right to block certain content and regulate others, because preventing them from doing so, and therefore maximizing profits, violates their First Amendment rights to make a profit. 

 Come listen to proponents of both sides discuss and debate this important issue that will directly effect us and our country. See
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